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You don’t have to wait for the next school year to make a change. Here are some tips to switching schools midyear

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Valor Arizona Hybrid Learning SetupIf you’re seeing your child could use a change now, you don’t have to wait it out until the next school year. Switching schools midyear is more than possible and, if you follow the right steps, it can be quite a painless process.

To make the switch midyear smooth, here are a few steps we recommend.

Is Valor right for your student?

Learning truly can and should be enjoyable. If it isn’t, then it could be time to consider Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona. Here are a few advantages to Valor:

  • Individualized attention from teachers

    Students at Valor often find they receive more personalized support from teachers and staff. Instead of a student competing with 30+ peers for attention in a classroom, Valor students enjoy small classroom sizes, and can contact teachers through several channels including emails and phone calls. When they talk with their teachers, it’s often one on one. That sometimes makes asking questions a lot simpler, especially when you’re not a fan of raising your hand.

  • Focusing is sometimes easier with a more comfortable environment to study

    With class sizes constantly increasing, there are students who find the noise and social aspects of today’s classroom too distracting. Valor keeps its class sizes small, and students study both in person and online at home, to help students enjoy a comfortable, focused environment for learning.

  • Our mutlimedia-packed curriculum has actually been developed in this century

    Unlike so many of those graffiti-filled, outdated textbooks, Valor’s curriculum is fresh and engaging. Because we’re accredited, students learn the same required concepts as a traditional school, but they do so by watching videos, interacting with what they read and collaboratively discussing with students and teachers. Our digital curriculum has won multiple awards too, by the way.

Parents: Here are some tips on switching schools midyear 

Determine your child’s needs–and if the school can meet them

Different schools are made to fit different students’ needs. Whether your child requires a specialized IEP/504 plan or simply thrives on social interaction, it’s best to make sure the online school you choose works for him or her.

Talk with your child

This can seem like a given, but oftentimes parents make decisions on school options without first asking what their child wants. Including your child in the decision process will help them transition easier and stay motivated.

Talk with your guidance counselor

Your guidance counselor should let you know your child’s current progress toward graduation and help you get started on the transition process.

Get paperwork gathered

In order to enroll in school you will need the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of residency
  • School transcripts

If you have all these items gathered and ready to go, the enrollment process will go much smoother.

Prepare a Workspace for Your Child

Because your student will work at home at times with Valor, it’s a great idea to create a workspace for them at home. Whether it’s a desk in your child’s bedroom, an office space in the house or even a kitchen table, it’s best to create a designated, organized area for your child.

Switching schools midyear does not have to be difficult. In fact, Valor has enrollment advisors you can call, or come see in person to make enrolling as simple as possible.

Learn more about Valor Preparatory of Arizona here.

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