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In the news: Valor Student Zane J. Talks About Being a Pilot

By May 26, 2022Uncategorized

It’s no secret that we have amazing students at Valor Preparatory of Arizona! Our students are going above and beyond to achieve the goals they want in life!

One such student is Zane Jarvi, who isn’t just a student at Valor, he’s also a pilot!

Zane is a part of the Fly Goodyear program and joined a few years back, inspired by his uncle who is a pilot for Alaska Airlines. In the videos, Zane is flying a 172 model plane, which you can see in this Fox 10 story below:

Balancing all of his life goals aren’t easy, but Zane is a hardworker with a will to find a way. Part of that is thanks to the hybrid learning schedule with Valor Arizona.

“How it works is I go four hours in morning and then in the afternoon, like 12:20, is when homeschool begins,” Zane told Fox1o News “Because of the school setup, I’m able to do a lot more stuff that I wouldn’t normally be able to do.”

They went on to talk to our Principal Dan Malhardt about the school and gave some great information about Fly Goodyear for anyone interested in piloting. For students thinking of pursuing another passion, or early career, come to Valor! We work with you, providing the academics and support you need to achieve your goals while enjoying a quality education.

Check it out in the rest of the video from Fox10:

Interested in Valor Preparatory of Arizona? We are now enrolling! You can learn more about us here.

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