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Student Spotlight: Pursuing Big Dreams

By June 30, 2022March 31st, 2024Uncategorized
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At Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona, we have so many bright and hardworking students who are going after their dreams. And we are so proud of them!

Recently, one of our former students made the news for following his dreams! Check it out below in our student spotlight.

Student Spotlight

Oliver Morrison, who attended Valor Prep for eighth grade, was recently interviewed by West Valley View, where he shared his positive experience at Valor Prep and how much he enjoyed performing in the school plays.

That’s because acting is one of the many dreams he has been pursuing. But in order to pursue it, he needed to go to a school that would work around his schedule—because he had a busy one!

When he wasn’t studying for school, Oliver was juggling basketball and a family business in addition to acting. But he was able to accomplish it all with help from our hybrid learning model.

When asked what his advice is for others who have big dreams, he said to never let anything get in the way.

“If you want to pursue your dreams, you shouldn’t care what everyone else has to say. If you don’t care what others have to say, then you can elevate, elevate, elevate,” he told West Valley View.

Check out Oliver’s interview here to learn more about him!

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