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In the News: How Students Can Unleash Summer Potential

By June 26, 2024Uncategorized

Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona was recently featured in Patch news! In this feature, our Executive Director, Amy Spencer, talks about how students can unleash their summer potential and fight the summer learning decline.

In the article, she shares that in order to address the summer learning decline, also known as the “summer slide,” we need to rethink how we approach summer activities.

She writes: “This ‘summer slide’ can have long-term effects, influencing academic performance, self-esteem, and even future career opportunities. As educators and parents, it is our responsibility to mitigate this loss and ensure that our students continue to thrive, even outside the traditional classroom setting.”

She goes on to say that rather than considering the summer break as a pause from learning, we should embrace it as a chance for development and discovery. She also lists different ways students can maintain their academic edge.

To learn more about the “summer slide” and to check out the article, click here.


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