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Student Showcase Day: Valor Students Presented the Video Game They’ve Been Hard at Work Developing

By May 27, 2022Uncategorized

Our students have done it again!

They have been hard at work all year and it has paid off. Not only did our students develop new video games of their own, the news came to feature them on TV too!

Last week, students presented several games. One was Reserve Dog Pong, a game they’ve been working on for a long time, and it’s finally completed now. Very similar to Ping Pong, the goal of this game is actually the opposite: don’t let the object hit your paddle. And instead of a ball, it is an adorable puppy’s head. Another was a piano learning game. All were games that are instantly gripping and we are so proud of all our student’s hard work.

As we said earlier, Fox10 joined us on Showcase Day to learn more and show off our student’s great work, which was so exciting for our students to experience. Their game was featured on Fox10 news three times throughout the day: At 9 a.m., 6 p.m., 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

We’ve posted one of the videos below for you to check out:

At Valor Preparatory of Arizona, we believe in a project-based collaborative, hands-on approach to learning. Developing a new video game is just one of the many incredible projects they worked on throughout the year to help our students really engage in learning and become college and career ready.

In addition to our modern academic approach, we make sure we provide all opportunities we can to help our students not just learn but thrive! Some examples include FREE college courses with our partnership with Estrella Mountain Community College and sports available through our Canyon Athletics partnership.

Whatever your student wants to accomplish, we are going to do what we can to help support them every step of the way. One great example is Zane, who is already a pilot at 16 years old!

Interested in Valor? You can learn more about us here.

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